This whistleblowing website is set up by ex-followers of Peter Yeung aka “Lama Dondrup Dorje” of the so-called “Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies” to:

1. Inform the public on how he distorts Buddhist teachings, misuses institutions, and abuses/exploits followers to advance his personal agenda.

2. Warn prospective students against learning from this charlatan. There are many authentic sources to learn Buddhism and martials arts from.

2. Support victims in recovering from cultic and narcissistic abuse they experienced through Pathgate.

4. Provide a channel for survivors to share their stories and have their voices heard.

Please read our Full Statement of Concerns.


  1. JT Kua, “Trinley Gyatso”, 2008-2018, Singapore.
  2. Isabel Pham, “Chokyi Lhamo”, 2007-2018, Australia.
  3. Angela Le, “Sherab Wodzer”, 2014-2018, Australia.
  4. “Urgyen Drolma”, 2017-2018, France.
  5. Magda Lamb, “’Genyeng”, 2015-2016, UK.
  6. Jack K., “Rabjee Chozang”, 2011-2017, Singapore.

Current survivor network size: 30

Contact us if you would like to to be a signatory.