Survivor Voice [2] – Ben

Reposting a recent message from another Pathgate ex-member, with his permission.

Hi there,

Pretty random how I found [Pathgate Survivors] as I was looking for some incense. I was a student of PY from the late 90’s moving to live in Newcastle in 2000, I stayed there and experienced much of what had been described by others on your site until my “Buddha nature” spoke to me to leave in 2004, ironic as PY would have said this was pride talking… but literally was the only thing that saved me!

I was subject to many forms of abuse and because I had originally joined for the focus on martial arts I was repeatedly hit. Because of my practice I did well in his cult despite initially “breaking every vow possible” and being “destined to linger in hell for many lifetimes”.. this came from kissing another student… thankfully PY was there to “clear my negative karma” by systematically beating me..!

I would very much like to connect to others who I may know during my time there as they were truly great people who were so wrongly hurt.


The message speaks for itself, but to make it clear, several cult dynamics have been presented here:

  1. physical abuse, degradation and loss of dignity of student-victims.
  2. loaded language, in this case, “pride”, “vows” and “purifying negative karma”.
  3. fearmongering and shame-inducing by cult leader.
  4. delegitimisation and isolation of former members.

It’s great that we have, over the past year, been able to reconnect ex-followers who had either self-isolated out of unwarranted fear and shame, or were forcefully isolated by Pathgate. We look forward to reuniting more of us.