Peter Young’s teachings and methods

Other facts about Dondrup Dorje’s (Peter Young / PY) that show who he really is:

1. PY teaches that fear is the opposite of hope.

The Dalai Lama says that hope is very important. So do all other authentic spiritual authorities. PY teaches his students to therefore abandon hope if they wish to free themselves from fear. PY does this deliberately to depress the emotional and mental states of his students, to rob them of any sense of a better future for themselves. Because it is based on lies, this method, of course, never works. It just gives PY more and more control over his students as they sink into depression.

In addition, it is agreed by everyone that fear is actually the opposite of love. The opposite of hope is actually despair. PY teaches his students to despair of everything in the past, present and the future, so that he can then present himself as their only salvation. PY teaches his students that if they still feel fear (which he deliberately inflicts on them at every opportunity), then they should work even harder to abandon all hope.

As mentioned previously PY uses fear, and is driven by fear, because he does not know what love is, and is incapable of inspiring love in anyone.

This is why he teaches that fear is the opposite of hope. If his students realised that fear is the opposite of love, then they would quickly realise PY is actually treating them with the opposite of love.

2. PY teaches that human rights do not exist.

The Dalai Lama says that human rights are very important. PY teaches this to give his students the impression that they do not have any human rights, which enables PY to treat them as less than human. PY does this so that when he abuses his students, they feel that is it not a bad thing, that they deserve it, and most importantly that any sense his students might have that being abused should not be tolerated, is an illusion. If human rights do not exist, then what rights could his students claim to have not to be abused?

3. PY teaches that violence against children is correct and should be encouraged.

I (and many other students) witnessed him endorsing violence against child-monks at Namdroling monastery. I witnessed Penor Rinpoche (PR) asking his monks to stop using violence as a form of discipline against the child-monks. PR did this several times.

(It is well known that there is an a very sad, culturally driven, tendency in many Buddhist monasteries in India and Tibet to resort to violence as a means of discipline. The Dalai Lama speaks often about one of his tutors who used violence against him when he was a child).

PY specifically and repeatedly contradicted PR, saying violence was necessary. PY openly stated that PR didn’t know what he was talking about. For PY to contradict the direct teaching, and instruction, of PR shows the lack of sincerity PY has for the person he claims was his root guru.

Additionally, all educators and experts in child behaviour say that, in a nutshell, if an adult finds themselves reduced to using violence against children, they have already lost all authority and respect they might have had. It has also been scientifically proven that motivating children through violence is counter-productive.

In the bigger picture, encouraging violence against Buddhist monks, whether they are children or adults, is utterly in contradiction to all Buddhist (and spiritual) teaching.

PY says violence against child-monks is correct and to be encouraged, in order to make his students feel that when he is violent with them, it is correct and to be expected. PY justifies his violence against his own students, and makes his students feel that PY’s violence is correct, and useful.

4. If you want to know what real, recognised and endorsed by proper authorities think of Peter Young’s methods of teaching martial arts, and the way PY abuses his students, please contact Master Lam Kam Chuen. Master Lam is originally from Hong Kong, as was PY. Master Lam has known, and known of, Peter Young for many years. Master Lam is very clear about the destructive outsomes of PY’s methods. (