Has Peter Yeung really helped you?

We agree that Peter Yeung does provide some help. Very sadly, his help is corrupt. His objective to is to earn money from you, and gain total power over you, so you keep paying him and worshiping him. This means that the help he has given you comes at a very high price, a price that real Tibetan Buddhists do not ask anyone to pay. He doesn’t help so you advance, he helps so that you pay him money and worship.

The “generosity” Peter Yeung displays is always an investment. He gives so people feel in debt to him, and pay him back more over time. He is very clever at giving just enough to impress a person, or other people, then extracting huge payback in terms of money or worship. This is the same as a fisherman who puts bait on a line. This is not generosity.

As well as extorting money and worship from you, because Peter Yeung uses fear, he actually stops his students moving towards enlightenment. That is the hidden price. Look at the senior students. They live in fear of Peter Yeung. This is the opposite of enlightenment.

His help is also, from our research and wider experience, at a very basic level. He deliberately keeps his teaching to a very basic level so his students do not advance, which means they end up paying him money for a long time. He then blames his students for their lack of advancement, which I’m sure you’ve seen and experienced. This also is deliberate, to ensure you keep paying him money and worship, and also gives the student low self-esteem, which directly blocks the path to enlightenment. Real Tibetan Buddhist teachers give their students high self-esteem, it is in all the texts. This is because, exactly as the Buddha says, a student needs high self-esteem to achieve enlightenment: the person has to feel they are worthy of enlightenment (precious human birth). This is the same in any field of endeavour: a person must believe they can reach the goal, or they simply will not reach it. Peter Yeung programs his students, using standard brainwashing and terror techniques, to believe they deserve nothing. They therefore achieve nothing.

Something that took us a long time to understand, and is again confirmed by other people’s experiences who after some time found their master to be corrupt, is that the student does advance, even if the master is corrupt. Spending hours in prayer and meditation, and living as best as you can as a Buddhist, has good effects. This is your energy at work within Buddhism, it has nothing to do with Peter Yeung. Peter Yeung makes it seem to all his students that any advances you make are because of him. The truth is, advances you make in your development are because of your work! This is clear in all the Buddhist texts.

All the students we’ve seen over the years who make progress in Buddhism, leave Peter Yeung because they all come to the same conclusion: they start to see that he is corrupt. This is another reason Peter Yeung deliberately does his best to stop his students advancing. He knows that if they advance, they will see through his lies, and stop paying him money.

The people Peter Yeung “helped” would have gotten much better, much quicker, and paying much less money, if they had studied with someone else. They say Peter Yeung helped them because they are ignorant of how much better quality help there is out there; also to make it seem like their investment of money time and worship was worthwhile (no one likes admitting they’ve bought a piece of shit); and also makes it seem like they are “improved” (so better than they were before, and by implication, probably better than you!).

If you look at his senior students – has he really “helped” them? What have they actually been “helped” to do?

Worship Peter Yeung, yes.
Pay money to Peter Yeung, yes.
Give up their lives to Peter Yeung, yes.

But has anyone who Peter Yeung “helped” actually achieved anything positive and real? No.

We’ve seen his students over many years, and they have actually become worse human beings over time. Look at their lives: they live in modern slavery in those houses, paying all their money to Peter Yeung, every moment of their day controlled by Peter Yeung, and living in constant fear of Peter Yeung.

This is not Buddhism, and it is not “help”.

Look at the students: do they achieve their goals in Buddhism and in life? Do they have good relationships with people in the real world?

Over 20 years, every student we saw that achieve things either in Buddhism, in martial arts, or in life, or who had good relationships in the real world, left Peter Yeung.

We all did this because we all realised he was stopping us from achieving enlightenment, not helping us. We all realised he was sabotaging our relationships in the real world (particularly with family). We all realised that he would attack and belittle any skills we had or developed, making us dependent on him.

Buddha encouraged all students to ask real questions, all the time. It is our responsibility as Buddhists to ask questions, and get real answers. You’ll probably have a lot of questions as you see the truth more clearly about the Pathgate cult, and might need some moral support. We’re here for you.

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